If a criminal case is a felony, remember an Oakland County District Court will only determine bond and oversee the preliminary exam (i.e. the probable cause hearing). If the case is bound over, satisfying the probable cause requirement, then the Oakland County Circuit Court will handle the matter, and set the case for a Oakland County Circuit Court arraignment. The individual also has the option of waiving the probable cause hearing and binding the matter over to the Oakland County Circuit Court without holding preliminary exam. However, an individual should always seek counsel before making such a decision. It is also inadvisable to handle a criminal matter without an attorney whether it is a misdemeanor or felony at the Oakland County Circuit Court because there may be consequences that you are unaware of if and when you admit guilt or take a matter to trial.

The hearing scheduled after an arraignment at the Oakland County Circuit Court will likely be a pretrial, which is where any negotiations involving the criminal case will or can occur and also where the decision to file motions and setting the matter for a jury trial will be made. Many things can happen within the criminal justice system, which is an essential reason that you should ALWAYS retain or hire counsel. And thus it is easy to say that the criminal process can be complex, stressful and daunting. Add in the fact that people generally need a criminal attorney at random and unexpected times in their lives, it becomes absolutely necessary to contact a criminal defense attorney prior to going to any criminal hearing in the Oakland County Circuit Court or District Court.

The Oakland County Circuit Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction serving all the citizens of Oakland County, and oversees all felonies committed within its jurisdictional borders. The court is located at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, MI 48341-0404The following is a list of all judges found within the Circuit Court’s walls:

  • Honorable Nanci J. Grant, Chief Judge
  • Honorable James M. Alexander
  • Honorable Martha Anderson
  • Honorable Leo Bowman
  • Honorable Mary Ellen Brennan
  • Honorable Rae Lee Chabot
  • Honorable Lisa Gorcyca
  • Honorable Shalina D. Kumar
  • Honorable Denise Langford-Morris
  • Honorable Lisa S. Hallmark
  • HonorableLisa Langton
  • Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen
  • Honorable Rudy J. Nichols
  • Honorable Colleen A. O’Brien
  • Honorable Daniel Patrick O’Brien
  • Honorable Wendy Lynn Potts
  • Honorable Michael D. Warren, Jr.
  • Honorable Joan E. Young
  • Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews
  • Honorable Karen D. McDonald
  • Honorable Elizabeth Pezzetti

The Oakland County Circuit Court is a difficult court to be in, which is why you need the right criminal lawyer by your side. Josh Jones handles all criminal matters (both felonies and misdemeanors), criminal expungements and license restoration matters. He is available 7-days at week by phone, email or text.