Commercial Truck Crashes

If you’ve been in the Detroit area for any length of time, you’ve seen plenty of commercial trucks. They’re everyday sights on the Ambassador Bridge and main roads throughout the area. For the most part, motorists don’t think much of them – until they’re involved in accidents. Because they’re so large, tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles can cause devastating injuries and fatalities.

As devastating as the crash, itself was, dealing with the aftermath can be just as difficult. You’re not just up against another motorist – you’re up against the trucking company and their insurance. They have teams of attorneys, adjusters and investigators on their side, not to mention a strong incentive to reduce their own liability.

Where did your accident happen?

Truck accidents can make for complex legal cases. The cab and the trailer usually have separate insurance, which means you’ll be dealing with multiple insurance companies. Truckers are held to higher legal standards than other motorists, and there are several ways to show that the driver or trucking company may have been negligent, from violations of hours-of-service (HOS) regulations to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But if an attorney doesn’t investigate right away, the trucking company may destroy critical evidence.

You can fight back. He’ll contact the trucking company right away and make sure the evidence needed to build your case is preserved. He knows how to handle out-of-state trucking companies and make sure they come to the table. He’ll deal with the insurance company and bring in outside experts to build your case and help you get better, and he’ll be completely accessible to you throughout your case.

Remember, the trucking company will start investigating your crash immediately. You need an attorney on your side right away, too.

Ambassador Bridge

Connecting Detroit with Windsor in Ontario, Canada, the Ambassador International Bridge is the busiest border crossing in North America. Hundreds of thousands of drivers cross the bridge every day, including many commercial truckers. With the high volume of traffic on the bridge, a truck that rolls over or jackknifes can put dozens of motorists at risk. If you’ve been injured in a crash on or near the bridge, call today.

Interstate 75

Known as “Michigan’s Main Street,” I-75 runs north-south through the Lower Peninsula, connecting Detroit with Ohio and continuing on all the way to the Canadian border. Accidents can happen anywhere on I-75, but they’re especially common in the Hazel Park suburb of Detroit near 9 Mile Road. After a collision involving a commercial truck on I-75, give an attorney a call to help you rebuild your life.

Interstate 96

I-96 connects Detroit with Farmington Hills, Lansing and cities farther west in the Lower Peninsula. In the Metro Detroit area, it’s a major artery used by tens of thousands of drivers every day, including both motorists and commercial truckers. Crashes on I-96 can cause devastating injuries, especially when tractor-trailers are involved. If you’ve been injured, you need an attorney on your side. Call today for a free consultation.

Interstate 94

An east-west highway serving the southern portions of the Lower Peninsula, I-94 enters Metro Detroit from the southwest, connecting the city with Jackson and Ann Arbor. Tens of thousands of commercial trucks use I-94 every day, and when they’re involved in crashes, they can cause serious injuries and fatalities. If you’ve been hurt, you need help you rebuild your life. Call today for a free consultation.

Interstate 275

Bypassing the Detroit area to the southwest, I-275 connects I-75 to the south with I-96 in Farmington Hills. Collisions can happen anywhere along the highway’s 35-mile span, and when those collisions involve heavy commercial vehicles, they can cause serious injuries. Lawyers has been helping injured people throughout the Detroit area for nearly 25 years, and if you’ve been in a crash, he can help you. Call today for a free case evaluation.

Interstate 375

Despite being one of the shortest routes in the entire Interstate highway system, I-375 is an important route in southern Detroit, with tens of thousands of vehicles – including hundreds of commercial trucks – using the road every day. A crash on I-375 can have serious consequences, especially if a large vehicle is involved. You may be out of work or dealing with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Interstate 696

I-696 runs north of Detroit through the city’s suburbs in Oakland and Macomb counties. Sometimes known as the “Autobahn of Detroit” because of its reputation for fast drivers, I-696 can be a dangerous place for motorists, especially when commercial trucks are involved in accidents. You may have been seriously injured or even lost a loved one in a crash.  Call today for a free case evaluation.

U.S. 12

Running east into Metro Detroit, U.S. 12 is Detroit’s 0 Mile Road, running past such landmarks as Corktown and the MGM Grand Detroit casino. Thousands of motorists and commercial vehicles alike use this highway every day, which means there’s always the risk of being hurt in a crash. If you were injured in a crash on U.S. 12, call today. Attorneys can stand up to the insurance on your behalf and help you rebuild your life.


Also known as Gratiot Avenue in downtown Detroit, M-3 connects the city with suburbs in Macomb County. Tens of thousands of motorists and truckers use M-3 every day, especially on the stretch running through Roseville. If you’ve bene injured in a crash, you may be facing lost wages, medical bills and other expenses. Don’t deal with the trucking company or their insurance alone.


Connecting Downtown Detroit with Farmington Hills and other communities in Oakland County, M-10 serves tens of thousands of motorists every day, with the busiest stretch between Telegraph Road and Lahser Road in Southfield. On a six-lane highway that sees plenty of truck traffic, even a single crash can cause massive, life-changing injuries. Call an attorney to help you rebuild your life if you’ve been injured in a crash.

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