OUIL Causing Death Charges in Michigan

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OUIL (operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor) Causing Death is a serious felony charge that can result in years in prison. The maximum prison sentence for this charge is 15 years in state prison. You may never be allowed to drive legally again and will owe huge fines and other penalties as well. If you have been arrested and charged with this terrifying charge, it is crucial that you contact a Michigan DUI attorney immediately. Your future could include prison time and other frightening penalties, and it is critical that you get legal help, The sooner you call, the more likely a defense strategy for your case can be found. Do not talk to police investigators about the accident without first enlisting legal representation to advise you on how to handle the questioning. If you decide to speak with any police investigators, it is true that “anything you say can be used against you”. It most certainly will.

Metro Detroit Lawyer for OUIL Causing Death Cases

It is often necessary to conduct a private investigation on the accident in order to defend you. There are likely more options for your defense than you are aware of. It is extremely important to contact us so that the legal team can review your case and all the evidence against you. These accidents are terrible and tragic, and very emotional for those involved. However, it is still necessary to protect your rights by hiring an attorney to fight for your defense.

When dealing with such a serious charge, you should be aware that the prosecutor in the case is going to be determined to get a conviction. In fact, prosecutors keep track of their “conviction percentage” closely. When it is a high-profile case, it can become even more important to the prosecutor to get a conviction. He or she will have the full support of law enforcement, evidence from state labs and investigators and will be fully intending ensure that a felony conviction is achieved. Facing such odds, it is absolutely critical that you have an equally powerful, talented and experienced defense lawyer fighting on your behalf.

Contact a Michigan DUI lawyer at our firm if you are facing this felony charge for OUIL causing death.

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