Detroit Theft Offense Lawyers

Benefits of Hiring a Detroit Theft Attorney

Shoplifting is considered theft in most states, as long as the amount stolen does not exceed $400. At this point, this is considered a misdemeanor, but if can be converted into a felony if the state limits have been exceeded. The bad news for people accused of theft is that they might spend up to 6 months in jail (for petty theft) or up to 3 years (if it is a felony). Moreover, they are subject to huge fines, ranging from $100 to over $1,000.

With the economy in such turmoil, even the slightest misdemeanors are being taken seriously by the court, and very few are spared if found guilty. If you are accused of theft, it is of paramount importance to not hire a petty theft defense attorney. Without a good legal representation, you have no chance in court. You might get a much higher punishment than you would get with an experienced attorney by your side.

Hiring a theft attorney has the following benefits:

Protect your Rights

Having a qualified defense lawyer to represent you in court means that your legal rights are not violated. Without an attorney there with you, the judge or other attorney can take advantage of you. Conversely, an experienced attorney who has your case will make sure to protect your rights at all costs, as he knows your rights and is able to use the best ways to protect you.

Prove that you are Innocent

Most people accused of petty theft are not guilty. However, due to certain circumstance, they end up getting a lawsuit. Your lawyer will use all his skills to prove that your intention was not to commit shoplifting. What happened was either a mistake or it was just something that cannot be proven. If you have a criminal past, things might be a little bit more complicated, but the lawyer you want to hire will do his best to win the case.

Save Money

Lastly, by hiring a reputable defense attorney you can save plenty of money. What do you prefer? Spending 6 months in jail and paying a $500 fine or spending less than half on a professional lawyer? Sometimes it all comes down to that – how good your lawyer is.

Our experienced, professional and well-famed theft attorney offers complete services for residents of Detroit, MI. Whether you have been charged with burglary, fraud, shoplifting, grand theft or gas drive-off, we can support your cause in court and protect your interests. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.