Wayne County Circuit Court

The Wayne County Circuit Court is known as the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and handles all felony matters committed within Wayne County, Michigan. It is the state’s highest populated court, which is why so many individuals walk through its hallways on any given day. Even with its size, the Wayne County Circuit Court operates similarly to any other Circuit Court found within Michigan. The Wayne County Circuit Court will only hear a criminal matter once it has been bound over (or transferred) by a Wayne County District Court.

It will begin with a Wayne County Circuit Court arraignment and continue with a pretrial, trial, and/or sentencing. The timing and the particular process of any given criminal matter will vary, even when looking at different issues found within the Wayne County Circuit Court. It is imperative to always have representation regardless of the criminal charge. A criminal defense lawyer can assist throughout the criminal process, making a lawyer essential in every hearing scheduled at the Wayne County Circuit Court.

Remember, the Wayne County Circuit Court is the most significant in Michigan, so it is essential that any time you travel to the court, ensure you provide enough time check-in and proceed through the metal detectors at the front entrance. The Wayne County Circuit Court’s Office Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. It is important to note that the Wayne County Circuit Court is located within two buildings, depending on whether the individual defendant is an adult or juvenile, as stated below:

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice Criminal Division 1441 St. Antoine Detroit, MI 48226

Lincoln Hall of Justice Family Division-Juvenile 1025 E. Forest Avenue Detroit, MI 48207

The Wayne County Circuit Court, within Frank Murphy Hall, houses the following judges within its walls:

  • Honorable Robert J. Colombo, Jr., Chief Judge
  • Honorable David J. Allen,
  • Honorable Annette J. Berry,
  • Honorable Gregory D. Bill,
  • Honorable Susan D. Borman,
  • Honorable Ulysses W. Boykin,
  • Honorable Karen Y. Braxton,
  • Honorable Margie R. Braxton,
  • Honorable Megan Maher Brennan,
  • Honorable James A. Callahan,
  • Honorable Alexis Glendening
  • Honorable Jerome C. Cavanagh,
  • Honorable Eric William Cholack,
  • Honorable James R. Chylinski,
  • Honorable Kevin J. Cox,
  • Honorable Daphne Means Curtis,
  • Honorable Christopher D. Dingell,
  • Honorable Charlene M. Elder,
  • Honorable Vonda R. Evans,
  • Honorable Edward Ewell, Jr.,
  • Honorable Patricia Susan Fresard,
  • Honorable Sheila Ann Gibson,
  • Honorable John H. Gillis, Jr.,
  • Honorable David Alan Groner,
  • Honorable Richard B. Halloran,
  • Honorable Cynthia Gray Hathaway,
  • Honorable Dana Margaret Hathaway,
  • Honorable Daniel Arthur Hathaway,
  • Honorable Michael M. Hathaway,
  • Honorable Charles S. Hegarty,
  • Honorable Catherine Heise
  • Honorable Susan L. Hubbard,
  • Honorable Muriel D. Hughes,
  • Honorable Edward Joseph,
  • Honorable Connie Marie Kelley,
  • Honorable Timothy Michael Kenny,
  • Honorable Qiana D. Lillard,
  • Honorable Kathleen I. Macdonald,
  • Honorable Kathleen M. McCarthy,
  • Honorable Bruce U. Morrow,
  • Honorable John A. Murphy,
  • Honorable Maria L. Oxholm,
  • Honorable Lynne A. Pierce,
  • Honorable Lita Masini Popke,
  • Honorable Daniel P. Ryan,
  • Honorable Richard M. Skutt,
  • Honorable Mark T. Slavens,
  • Honorable Leslie Kim Smith,
  • Honorable Virgil C. Smith,
  • Honorable Martha M. Snow,
  • Honorable Craig S. Strong,
  • Honorable Brian R. Sullivan,
  • Honorable Lawrence S. Talon,
  • Honorable Deborah A. Thomas,
  • Honorable Margaret M. Van Houten, &
  • Honorable Shannon N. Walker.

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