Detroit Traffic Violations Attorney

The state of Michigan, like any other state in the US, has its own definition for reckless driving and has its own set of punishments for traffic violations. Anyone who drives a motorized vehicle and displays a lack of concern for other drivers and for his life might have to face some serious consequences. When it comes to traffic violations, we should include driving a car into an area designated for bicycle traffic or pedestrians, DUI, exceeding the speed limit, leaving the scene of an accident or driving without a valid license.

Most traffic violations are prosecuted as misdemeanor charges. However, some cases of DUI or leaving the scene of a crime can be considered felonies. While misdemeanor charges require small fees but no jail time, more serious traffic violations can result in 2 to 5 years of prison.

Two of the most common punishments for traffic violations are:

Speed Limit Violations

In 1973, the US Congress implemented a 55 miles/hour speed limit in all states, but these were abolished 22 years later. Since 1995, most states have a maximum 65-mph speed limit. Failure to yield to these rules or failure to stop at a stop sign can cost you anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on your speed and other circumstances. Additionally, depending on your insurance company’s policies and your state law, your auto insurance rates might go up if you are found guilty of traffic violations.

Even if you won’t lose your license for a few violations, you could lose your license if you have more than three convictions for traffic violations in the past five years.

Seat Belt Violation

This is another common type of traffic violation. All states require children to wear seat belts, while most states made seat belts mandatory for adults. In Michigan, the base fine before fees for seat belt violation is $65.

If you receive a traffic ticket for violating one of these rules, it is advisable to consult an experienced attorney. Our professional & aggressive criminal defense lawyer can offer you a free case evaluation, regardless of your driving history. Speaking bluntly, the consequences of receiving a ticket or getting multiple tickets over a short period of time can be devastating. Our attorney can explain the law, allowing you to see how to be protected in case you get a lawsuit.

Do not hesitate to contact our Detroit criminal lawyer or request a free case evaluation. We will be more than happy to help you.