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Law enforcement in Michigan has been given the mission to get drunk drivers off the streets and highways of the area. They are fully dedicated to accomplishing this task, and if you have been arrested and charged with DUI/OWI, you are now going to face the complex court system in Michigan. Do not try to deal with this situation without contacting a DUI defense lawyer to ensure that you are properly defended from the moment of your arrest and charges. It is certain that you have had either a breath test or a blood test as part of the charges against you. It is important to understand that no test is 100% accurate, and the breath and blood tests are no exception.

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When the legal team at our firm looks over the evidence against you in your DUI charge, one of the areas of investigation will most likely be the breath or blood test. In the case of the “Data Master” which is the equipment used in breath tests in Michigan, it can be determined if the unit used to test your breath has been properly maintained per the required schedule, and also if it has a history of incorrect readings. These testing units are required to be properly calibrated in order to get a “correct” reading. Even when all of maintenance and calibration has been properly done, the testing unit has its own inherent failings as far as a degree of inaccuracy when compared to actual blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. When fighting for your defense, this may be an area that makes the possibility of court challenges in your favor. The evidence against you could be “suppressed”, or the judge could instruct the jury to give it the proper “weight” considering the likelihood of error in the testing equipment.

Blood testing can also be challenged by a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney from our Law Firm. It may be necessary to question the law enforcement officer involved in the arrest and the individual who drew the blood in your case. Any testing challenges require a defense attorney who is extremely familiar with the science behind such testing and has resources to challenge such evidence, based on that science. When you are represented, you know that your attorney is knowledgeable, skilled and aggressive in defending DUI cases.

Contact a Michigan breath test defense attorney if you have been arrested and charged with DUI/OWI based on a “failed” breath or blood test.

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