OUID Charges in Detroit

Michigan OUID Defense Lawyer

Arrested for OUID in Rochester Hills, Dearborn, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Royal Oak, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield Township or Warren?

OUID or “Operating Under the Influence of Drugs” is a serious charge in Michigan. If convicted, not only will you face the OUID charge, with similar penalties to DUI, you likely will be facing a possession charge if the controlled substance is found in your possession. These charges are extremely serious, and the chances of having your license suspended are high if you are not represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney. With the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer, there are several options that could be employed to fight to successfully defend you of this charge. Some clients are surprised to discover that their case actually could be successfully defended when represented by Garrison & Associates, PLLC. This outstanding legal team has long experience and resources to aggressively defend your case.

“Operating Under the Influence of Drugs” Charges in the Metro Detroit Area

Law enforcement in the area has been given the mission to reduce both OWI (DUI) and OUID cases. This means that that the police are out there looking for you, and should you exhibit what they consider to be signs of driving under the influence, you will immediately be pulled over. If you are found to be under the influence of a controlled substance, by chemical or blood testing, you will be arrested and charged with an OUID. All tests are subject to challenge, as there is a percentage of any testing (no matter how scientific) that is incorrect. It may be important to challenge your OUID through the type of testing that was used to arrest you.

As the prosecutor will be determined to convict you and will be backed up by evidence given by law enforcement and state investigation units and labs, you need an equally powerful defense lawyer fighting on your behalf. Without such an attorney, you may be dealing with a complete change of lifestyle – you will no longer be driving. This creates huge problems for those that drive to work, school and other activities. Isn’t it worth fighting for your right to drive? The first crucial step is to contact us without delay. Time is extremely important in these cases, as challenges must be filed quickly after the arrest.

Contact a Michigan OUID attorney to aggressively defend your rights and interests.

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