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When you have had your license suspended, you may not realize that something can be done about fighting to get your ability to drive reinstated. There is a specific legal procedure that must be followed and carefully planned by a Michigan license suspension defense attorney. A hearing must take place at the Driver’s Assessment and Appeals Division to determine whether you will have the right to have a license. This is not a court of law, the burden of proof is not “beyond a reasonable doubt” as it is in a state or federal court of law. The burden of proof lies with the DUI defense attorney who must prove that you should have your license returned to you if there is “clear and convincing evidence” proving your side of the case. This “burden of proof” now lies with your defense attorney, and it is critical that you contact us if you are hoping to fight this battle successfully.

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These hearings take preparation to get a good result, and the legal team at our firm has helped countless individuals regain their ability to drive by aggressively fighting and bringing the “clear and convincing evidence” to the hearing. With the help of the defense attorney, the possibility of a good outcome for your ability to drive legally is increased.

At the DAAD hearing, the attorney must be prepared to prove that the chances of you drinking and driving again are nil; and that your “substance abuse” problem is completely under control. This means a full evaluation of your case by a substance abuse counselor will likely be necessary, and a proven length of time that you have been sober, usually six months may be considered to be adequate, depending upon the history of your case, and why the license was suspended.

Contact a license suspension defense lawyer at our firm if you have had your license suspended and need a skilled attorney to aggressively fight to regain it through a DAAD hearing.

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